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Addiction Treatment in Oklahoma

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Quitting drugs or alcohol can often seem overwhelming, or even impossible. We help clients regain control over their lives by healing their addiction from the inside out. That means a focus on underlying trauma and other mental, emotional, and behavioral health issues that fuel the fire of addiction. 

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Start the Road to Recovery

We’ll go above and beyond to ensure you can get the help you need, offering our hand to help make your transition into treatment stress-free.
We can help with:
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Case Management
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Transportation from Detox

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Court Dates & Appeals

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Workforce Re-entry

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Family  Education

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Communication to Interested Parties

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Paying for Rehab

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And More!

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Addiction Treatment You Can Trust

We are a certified addiction treatment program with experienced licensed clinicians who truly care. Some of our staff are even alumni of the program themselves!
We specialize in treating co-occurring disorders, so you can find the root of your substance abuse and find freedom once and for all.


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