Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery for Veterans: 5 Helpful Tips

drug alcohol rehab veterans

You fought for our nation, and now you deserve to live a life of freedom, too. If drugs and alcohol have made your life a living hell, you don’t have to accept it. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible for anyone — including veterans. Here are five easy tips to get you started on the right path.

1. Admit you have a problem with substance abuse.

No matter how much your husband, your mom, or your kids are begging you to get help, you’ll never find freedom from addiction until you are willing to admit to yourself that you have a problem. But what if you’re not sure?

You don’t have to lose everything before you decide to go to rehab. Your reason for quitting drugs and alcohol can be as simple as feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. If you don’t like your life or yourself right now, and drugs and alcohol are a part of that, try stopping for a little while and see what happens. If you can’t stop, or can’t stay stopped, you might need someone to walk alongside you through the process of recovery.

2. Believe freedom from addiction is possible.

After the things you’ve seen, done, or experienced on active duty, you might believe that you’re never going to feel “normal” again. Generations ago, that might have been true, but today we have a better understanding of trauma, PTSD, substance abuse, and how they all work together. There are professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping veterans like you get clean, sober, and happy once again. If you’re willing to put yourself in their hands, you’ll be amazed at where the path can take you.

3. Ask for help treating your drug or alcohol addiction.

Nothing happens, though, until you ask for help. It can be terrifying to admit that you’re struggling with addiction, especially when you have a family and a nation looking up to you. Remember, though, that asking for help and healing your trauma is one of the hardest and most impressive things that anyone can do. It can start as simply as sending an anonymous chat message right on this page.

4. Commit to the process of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

You know what it’s like to fight for your country. Are you ready to do what it takes to fight for your life? Whether you decide to enroll in intensive outpatient treatment for addiction, or attend residential addiction treatment, you’re about to embark on a difficult mission. You’ll be safe, comfortable, and supported by a caring team of experts every step of the way, but doing the work to heal from addiction is hard. In an effective program, you’ll experience dual-diagnosis addiction treatment that will tackle both your addiction and your emotional issues like PTSD head-on.

Commit to the process, follow direction, and don’t go AWOL when things get messy. Push through the hard days and you’ll be amazed what’s waiting for you on the other side in recovery.

5. Keep going on the road of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

You’ve transitioned back into civilian life before, so you know how jarring it can be to move from one daily reality to an entirely different one. When you finish your addiction treatment, keep going in your recovery. Build your own recovery band of brothers to keep by your side on this new path. No one can understand it if they haven’t been through it themselves, and such friendships will be crucial as you build your own life. Attend meetings, pursue therapy, and keep working on yourself so you can break the cycle of pain and addiction once and for all, and enjoy what true freedom really feels like. Call or chat us today to get started. Our Admissions & Marketing Director, Drew, is a veteran and can talk you through his experience going through the Country Road program.