Finding Joy After Addiction: 4 Fun Filled Activities That Just Might Help You Heal at Country Road

Joy in Recovery

I have met far too many people who, when they hear the word “recovery,” conjure up images of a dull, joyless void. When people think about getting sober they think about saying goodbye to fun and embracing a life of boredom. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Recovery can be a transformative experience, and for me it’s brought untold joy, adventure, and personal growth. 

All of us at Country Road believe that healing goes hand in hand with discovering new passions and finding joy in unexpected places. That’s why we’re committed to helping all of our clients not just find sobriety but find happiness in recovery. 


1. Adventure Therapy: Embrace the Great Outdoors


We are big fans of nature therapy at Country Road. When you combine nature, physical activity, and a therapeutic approach, you get an exhilarating experience. We take our clients out into the wilderness to experience the natural world and rustle up some adventure. Whether they are in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge to summit Mt. Scott, fishing in the lake, or conquering their fear of heights on the climbing wall, they’re learning to develop trust, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. The natural beauty and physical exertion also reduce stress and improve mental clarity, making adventure therapy a thrilling way to rejuvenate your mind and body. 


2. Creative Arts Therapy: Unleash Your Inner Artist


Too often our creative sides get lost in the cycle of addiction. Recovery is a perfect time to rediscover your hidden talents and love of the arts. Through art therapy, our clients can express their emotions and thoughts in ways words often can't capture. Whether it’s painting, sculpting, music, dance, or drama, these artistic outlets offer a safe space to explore your feelings and experiences. There is something incredibly fun and rewarding about finding a new hobby or the simple process of creating something from nothing. This therapeutic modality helps in reducing anxiety, increasing self-awareness, and providing a sense of accomplishment and joy.


3. Fun in Recovery: Get Out & Live Again


Sometimes you just need to get out in the world and remember what it’s like to live. Our Fun in Recovery takes clients off campus every week to decompress, enjoy the outside world, and experience life sober. We might go to a movie one week, or bowling the next. Whatever the group decides to do, we do it together and we do it for fun. Life in recovery is not boring. In fact, some of the deepest, most genuine belly laughs I’ve ever heard come when we’re out in the city just joking around. There’s a whole new life on the other side of addiction. We’re here to help you live it. 


4. Mindfulness & Meditation: Find Inner Peace & Joy


We don’t expect you to come to treatment and leave a yogi. While mindfulness and meditation might sound serious, they can be incredibly fun and fulfilling ways to decompress. They teach you to live in the moment, appreciate the present, and find joy in the small things. Guided meditation sessions and mindfulness walks in nature can open up new ways to experience pleasure and relaxation. Learning to quiet your mind and focus on your breath helps in reducing anxiety, improving concentration, and fostering a deep sense of inner peace. You’ll be amazed at how these simple practices can transform your outlook on life and bring a sense of calm and happiness to your day. 


Embrace a Joyful Recovery


We don’t believe that recovery had to be boring or sad. In fact, we believe it’s a journey filled with opportunities to rediscover joy, learn new skills, and build meaningful connections. At Country Road Recovery, we’re dedicated to making your recovery experience as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.

Don’t let the myth of a joyless recovery hold you back. Call us today. Your best life is waiting – and it’s more vibrant and joyful than you ever thought possible.