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Ironically, heroin was initially developed and marketed as a non-addictive alternative to morphine. Developed by a process of boiling morphine for hours, it was intended to give 19th-century Americans a way to manage pain without the danger of becoming dependent. However, the world would quickly learn the dangers — and addictive nature — of this drug. Heroin continues to ravage the nation today, but for those who want it, there is help.

Signs of Heroin Addiction

Even casual abuse of heroin can rapidly lead to physiological dependence and tolerance. Signs of heroin addiction can include:

Withdrawal symptoms when pausing use

Track marks and scars



Mood Swings



Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Heroin withdrawal symptoms are notorious for being some of the most brutal to endure. Although not commonly fatal, these symptoms make it challenging for many people to quit heroin without professional help. Heroin withdrawal symptoms include:
Muscle Aches
Difficulty Sleeping
Mood Swings

Effects of Heroin

Heroin is abused despite its dangers because of the euphoric effect that it produces. It quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier, bringing almost immediate relief to the user. At the same time, it slows down bodily functions including heart rate and respiratory rate. All of these factors are what can make it so deadly: Users who do not know the purity of the drug that they are ingesting can consume a fatal dose before they even realize what they’ve done. Heroin can act quickly to shut down the body and mind, leading to coma, stroke, seizure, and death.

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Is Heroin Addictive?

Although initially intended as a non-addictive alternative to morphine, heroin is actually six times more potent than that drug. Because of how quickly it crosses the blood-brain barrier — and because of its relatively short action duration of just a few hours — heroin has a high potential for addiction. Addiction is not just a habit: It involves changes to the brain that causes uncontrollable desires for use, even when the dangers of that use are known. If you are using heroin or know someone who is, you don’t have to kick it on your own. Reach out to our team to learn more about finding recovery at Country Road

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Can a Heroin Addict Recover?

It is possible for anyone to find the road to recovery, no matter what drugs they are using or how bad things may seem. For those who want it, and are willing to work for it, the sky’s the limit. Like all addictions, heroin addiction presents a risk of relapse and is a chronic disease requiring ongoing management. At Country Road Recovery, however, clients learn the tools they need to beat heroin addiction today — and stay on the right track in the future. In addition to our clinical program, we offer educational and experiential sessions that give clients the information, support, and helpful relapse prevention tactics. There’s also no overestimating the power of a healthy community. When men and women feel a sense of purpose, passion, and belonging, it’s possible to build a life that has no room for drug abuse.

Can You Die From Heroin Withdrawal?

Although uncommon, death from heroin withdrawal is still possible — especially if you try to go it on your own. Finding a medical detox can also help make the withdrawal process as comfortable as possible, minimizing symptoms like



Stomach Cramps



Racing Thoughts




Homicidal Thoughts

Suicidal Thoughts

Thoughts of Relapse

And More

Heroin Addiction Near OKC

Heroin addiction treatment near Oklahoma City at Country Road helps men and women identify any underlying causes of their heroin use — whether that be trauma or mental health disorders. By healing those root issues, we are able to make the need to self-medicate less pronounced. Learning tips for relapse prevention and building a recovery community while understanding one’s own place in the world lays the groundwork for success beyond treatment. At Country Road Recovery, our Masters-level, dually-licensed clinicians build customized treatment plans for every individual client, incorporating a variety of powerful evidence-based addiction treatment modalities. Typical heroin addiction treatment plans may include group therapy, one-on-one counseling, family therapy, adventure therapy, and more. Learn more about our addiction treatment program at the link.

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Inside a Heroin Rehab Near OKC

Heroin rehab in Oklahoma City might be different than you think. Our peaceful campus just a short drive from OKC is a beautiful, welcoming community of recovery. Suffused with clinical sophistication, healing adventure activities, and unparalleled natural beauty, it offers the opportunity for men and women to find the road to recovery.


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Heroin Overdose Risks

Heroin overdose deaths peaked in America in 2017, with a slight decrease since then. However, the dangers of fentanyl mixed with heroin make the chances for accidental overdose that much greater. Any use of heroin involves the potential for overdose, any time.

Addiction Treatment Near Oklahoma City

Country Road offers those struggling with a variety of substance use disorders a new way forward. We treat:

Adderall Addiction

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Fentanyl Addiction

Heroin Addiction

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And More

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Start the Road to Recovery-Near Oklahoma City

Are you ready to experience recovery and freedom from substance use disorder? Our team is standing by with the support, resources, and information you need to make a decision that will change your life. Get started today.