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The road to recovery can be a lot smoother with the right tools in your pack. Country Road Recovery is proud to join industry leaders in adopting the innovative Pretaa technology across our program.

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What is Pretaa Addiction Recovery Technology?

Pretaa is a pioneering software that utilizes biometrics, clinically validated assessments, data, and positive reinforcement to improve outcomes for individuals recovering from substance use and mental health disorders.

How Does Pretaa Work?

Pretaa combines AI, machine learning, and best-in-class technology into an easy wearable device that links the user with their clinical team at all times. By providing 24/7 data, Pretaa can help clinicians intervene sooner to help clients stay on the road to recovery.

In active addiction or mental health crisis, we learn to ignore the signs our body gives us each day. Pretaa helps you learn to listen again, and to build a healthy life.


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Pretaa FAQs

Do I have to pay extra for the Pretaa program?

No. Every guest at Country Road Recovery Center is provided a Pretaa device to support their recovery.

What about my privacy?

Any information that is collected is done so with your consent — and with the goal of helping you get and stay clean and sober. Before setting up your device, our team can share more information about the data and how it is used.


We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Pretaa as an integral part of our program, giving us the ability to capture objective data and revolutionize our already robust clinical program! The level of expertise and care they bring makes us confident that we’re not just implementing a tool but elevating our entire program. With Pretaa on board, we’re not just keeping pace with the industry, we’re setting the standard.”

Drew LaBoon, Director of Operations, Pathway Recovery Centers
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