Am I Addicted? How to Know if You Need Rehab

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No one sets out hoping to become an addict. Unfortunately, addiction has a sinister way of creeping up on us slowly, only really letting you know it’s there when it’s too late. Then all of a sudden, your life is out of control and you have no idea how it got so bad or how to fix it.

The truth is, no matter how you ended up in the grips of addiction, there is a way out. The right treatment can help you get clean, sober, and healthy for the long-term. But how do you know if you’re really addicted? How do you know if it’s time to get help?

Here are some tips to help you understand if your substance use is getting out of control, and if a customized addiction treatment program could help you get on the road to recovery.

You Might Need Addiction Treatment If...

You’ve already tried to quit or cut down on your own, but it didn’t work.

Many people think that they can stop drinking or using whenever they want — they just haven’t ever really tried. But then, when they do try to quit or cut down, it’s not as easy as they thought.

Maybe you’ve told yourself, “I’ll quit once the holidays are over.” Or, “I’m still young. I’ll quit when I get older.” The seasons and events come and go, and the best plans and promises fall apart. Maybe you are able to quit for a short period of time, but quickly find yourself right back where you started. There’s a creeping suspicion that something is really wrong, but you quiet it by picking up another drink.

Even if you’ve never tried to fully give up your substance of choice, maybe you’ve tried to cut back. It is common for people to say, “I’m not going to drink more than three times per week,” or “I’m only going to use on Fridays.” Some people start to buy smaller quantities or even switch substances, like giving up hard liquor to only drink beer. The result is usually the same. 

Moderation might work for a little while, but you end up in the same place. If you have tried to quit or moderate your drinking or drug use on your own and it did not go as planned, drug and alcohol treatment might be the way to change your life for good.

Your job and your bank account are being affected.

Some people believe that carrying a full-time job is proof that they are not an addict. If you’re really honest with yourself, though, can you truly say you don’t have a problem? 

Think about it: Have there been a lot of days where you called in sick or didn’t show up to work? Are you constantly late, and hungover when you get there? Have you ever had a drink or used on the job? 

Even when someone struggling with addiction is showing up to work, they are not always motivated enough to do their best. You may think that your superiors and peers don’t notice, but they probably do. 

At the same time, addiction can wreak havoc on your finances. On the most basic level, drugs and alcohol cost money. On top of that, DUIs and arrests can cost a fortune in fines and attorney fees. It can get a whole lot messier if you let bills go unpaid so you can fund your habit. If you find yourself constantly maxing out your credit cards and going into overdraft because of your drinking or using, it might be time to put an end to it for good.

Your health is getting worse.

Using drugs or alcohol even one time can impact your health. When it becomes a habit, the effects they take on your body can be serious. 

For example, alcohol or drugs can make it hard to maintain a healthy weight. Some people have a hard time sticking to a diet or making healthy choices because they do not have the willpower when they are drunk or high. Many people also gain weight because of the empty calories in alcohol, too.

That’s not the only sign your body could be sending you. Your annual physical may have shown that there was an issue in your bloodwork or with your blood pressure. You may have begun to experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink or use, like anxiety, insomnia, or the shakes. 

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, it might be time for treatment.

Your personal relationships are suffering.

People who are drinking and using aren’t usually the best judges of their own behavior. It often takes a loved one to see through the denial and tell you that they’re concerned — not that you’ll be happy to hear it. For that reason, many addicts start to pull away from friends and family because of their use, sometimes even unintentionally.

Relationships may also become strained because of what you do or say when drunk or high. You may find yourself being dishonest with people that have trusted you in the past. Your spouse may decide that it is best for you to not spend time with your children, leaving your children confused or hurt. Partners may leave because they no longer want to be around the chaos that is your substance abuse. When the relationships you’ve always counted on begin to fade away, it may be time to reach out and get on the road to recovery.

There is a solution.

You may be struggling with an addiction, but you do not have to do it alone. Choosing to get help is a very brave step on the road to a better future. There are many options for rehab, and we’re here to help. At Country Road, we treat the underlying issues that cause addiction so you can finally be free to live a better life. 

Reach out today to see how treatment at Country Road Recovery Center, in Tecumseh, Oklahoma can help you take your life back.