Rehab for Veterans: Expectation vs. Reality

rehab for veterans

If you’ve started to think about drug and alcohol addiction treatment, then you probably need it. The reality is that happy people who love their lives don’t consider spending the time and money to get treatment for addiction. So, what’s holding you back? For many people, the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. The questions, uncertainties, and lack of understanding about what happens in rehab keep many people from pursuing help for far too long. Knowledge is power, so take a look at these expectations about rehab — and what really happens in addiction treatment.

Expectation: Rehab won’t work for me.

Reality: It works if you work it.

In recovery, we call this kind of thinking “contempt prior to investigation.” How do you know that treatment won’t work for you if you haven’t tried it? If you have tried treatment only to relapse again, were you really in the right kind of treatment? 

At Country Road, we offer specialized addiction treatment for veterans that will help you heal your addiction by addressing the inner traumas and mental health issues that fuel it. It is only by healing those issues that you can ever really find recovery that lasts. 

Expectation: I’m not ready to face these demons.

Reality: In drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we’ll go at your pace. 

Speaking of trauma, you might feel like you’re not ready to dive back into rehashing the worst moments of your life — even if it means helping you get better. 

At Country Road, we know that healing can’t be rushed. Every individual patient receives a custom addiction treatment plan that’s shaped to their particular needs and goals. Our caring Masters-level clinicians will proceed at a pace that feels right for you and help you find freedom from your demons once and for all — no matter how long it takes. 

Expectation: I can’t afford rehab.
Reality: Drug & alcohol treatment is more affordable than you think.

People these days seem to have the belief that rehab is incredibly expensive. To be fair, some are. There are, however, many facilities that do everything they can to make treatment available to and affordable for anyone. 

We are dedicated to helping vets find their road to recovery, and will do whatever it takes to help you find a treatment center you can afford — even if it’s not us. We’ll work with the VA and/or any other insurance providers directly, fighting for you like you fought for our country. At the end of the day, no cost is too high when it comes to helping people find freedom from addiction.

Expectation: No one can understand what veterans go through.

Reality: We understand because we’ve gone through it.

Veterans experience things the likes of which civilians can’t even imagine. How can someone help you heal from those traumas if they have no idea what it was like? At Country Road, our Admissions Director, Drew, is a veteran who found his road to recovery at Country Road. The fact that he works here today helping other vets find recovery is a testament to how welcoming Country Road is to vets in need. In fact, Drew probably won’t be the only vet you meet during your stay. You’re likely to meet other veterans on the road to recovery as well, and will build lifelong friendships of support in treatment.

Expectation: I don’t want to share my secrets with a call center. 

Reality: Call now to speak with Drew directly.

At Country Road, we’re people who care about helping people who need it. When you call us or send a chat, you’ll be connected with a real person that will be there when you enter treatment. No robots or call centers here. We’ll start our recovery relationship on the right foot, giving you a safe space to share your thoughts and frustrations, so we can help you figure out how to solve them in recovery. 

Recovery is possible for anyone. Let us prove it to you.