The Best Addiction Treatment Programs for Veterans

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America’s veterans deserve the best care when it comes time to heal the wounds of war. If you’re a veteran in need of help, or are looking for rehab for a loved one, how can you find the best addiction treatment programs for veterans? This information can help.

Types of Addiction Treatment 

First, you need to understand the many types of addiction treatment. Usually, when people talk about addiction treatment they are talking about “rehab,” or residential addiction treatment. In residential addiction treatment, an individual moves in to a facility for several months to receive 24/7 addiction care. 

However, there are other types of addiction treatment that are less comprehensive, which may be appropriate prior to or after residential addiction treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment programs such as IOP (intensive outpatient program), OP (outpatient program), or PHP (partial hospitalization program), allow an individual to get addiction treatment while living at home and having some independence in their daily life. While not the best choice for people with serious addiction, outpatient programs are a good way to either test the waters of treatment or step down from more intensive residential programming.

What Happens in Addiction Treatment 

All addiction treatment is the same in that it looks to identify and heal the underlying reasons for substance abuse — and to give people the tools they need to stay healthy. Depending on the individual, that can be achieved in a variety of ways: through one-on-one counseling, group therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), or even medication if appropriate. 

When an individual enters treatment, they meet with the care team for a comprehensive assessment so that the team can put together a customized program to heal their particular wounds.

Addiction Treatment for Veterans

At Country Road, we understand that veterans have special needs when it comes to healing. That’s why we offer customized addiction treatment for veterans. Our Admissions Director, Drew, is a veteran who went through this very program himself — and now works at Country Road helping other vets find recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. You can trust that Country Road understands the needs of vets — and how to help them. 

Paying for Addiction Treatment

It’s important to know that the best addiction treatment center is not necessarily the most expensive one. Today, many insurance plans cover part of or all of your residential addiction treatment. To find out what your plan covers, call an addiction treatment facility to have them verify your insurance benefits. The facility will take your information and call your provider to find out exactly how much of the stay will be covered.

Addiction Treatment Accreditation

One final clue to look for when researching the best addiction treatment programs for veterans in accreditation. That means an outside party has reviewed the facility and confirmed that they meet standards for professional care. Country Road is proud to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehab Facilities, for example, as well as Legitscript. 

Getting Help for Addiction

The best way to know if an addiction treatment program is right for you or a loved one is to call. The admissions team will listen to your story and answer all of your questions about what you need to know regarding addiction treatment for veterans. Then, if you’re ready to walk the road of recovery, they’ll take your hand and walk it with you. Start today.