Finding an IOP Program for Professionals

How to choose an IOP to help end addiction

When it comes time to treat our addiction to drugs and alcohol, it can be confusing where to turn. It seems like there are so many treatment options and different centers. It can be overwhelming to figure out which one is best for us because many of us have never been in this position. We don’t know what to ask or where to turn.

While the decision to stop an addiction is monumental, it is also important to find a facility that will support your road to recovery so that you can live a sober life.

If you are a professional, don’t feel that rehab is going to force you to leave your life completely for 30 or 90 days. There are programs that allow you to keep your job and to head to rehab. One program is called an intensive outpatient program or an IOP.

A professional can get the help they need but start their sober life. It’s the best of both worlds!

What Happens In An IOP

During an IOP, a patient will attend a facility and get counseling or participate in therapy sessions. Some of them happen in groups and others are one-on-one. The hope is that counselors can help you get to the root of your addiction to drugs and alcohol. Then they will give you the tools to stay sober when stressors and challenges arrive in the real world.

Some patients will live at the rehab facility, that is called inpatient care. The other is called outpatient care or an IOP. This is when a person leaves and returns home after care. The biggest difference is that an IOP allows people to continue their work shifts or family responsibilities. It is a great option for professionals looking to end an addiction!

Questions To Ask

There are numerous IOP facilities and the best choices depend on the person. But there are some important questions to ask so you can find the best IOP program for you and your recovery efforts.

  • How do you treat an addiction? This will give you an insight into how they treat addiction and the classes or programs. It might give you an idea of if they have more group or individual sessions or what the medical staff is like.
  • How many hours are required? This will help you understand what the IOP entails and how much time you will have to stay there. That will allow you to determine if the IOP can fit with your life and work schedule. But remember, no fit is perfect and the road to recovery becomes a priority for most.
  • How much does it cost? There are a variety of costs for an IOP program for drugs and alcohol. But there are options to help pay including using your health insurance or getting a scholarship to help pay the bill.

Those are just the start of questions you can ask to help find an IOP program for professionals. Each one is a bit different and can fit a person’s needs.

If you are interested in the IOP program here at Country Road, contact our staff today. They can talk to you about an IOP program for professionals and your addiction. You can start your sober life without delay.