IOP FAQs: How Intensive Outpatient Programs Work

An IOP rehab is great for addicts with jobs and families

Many addicts know they need help to break the cycle of addiction. It can be a scary and confusing time. They don’t know where to turn or the types of support that are available. That can be true for any addict of drugs or alcohol, but it can be especially for people who worry about losing a job or needing to leave their family to get help.

The good news is that plenty of rehab and treatment options don’t require being cut off from the traditional world. One type is an intensive outpatient program, where people can maintain their daily life while getting the help they need. It’s a way to keep responsibilities but start the journey to sobriety.

What exactly is an intensive outpatient program for drugs or alcohol, also called an IOP, and what does it entail?

Inpatient Care Vs. Outpatient Care

For many entering rehab for drugs or alcohol, there are two types of treatment programs. One is called inpatient care. This is what most people think of when they envision rehab. It is where the patient lives at the facility and receives support. They get round-the-clock care as they receive treatment for their addiction.

Over time they gain more freedom and learn the tools needed to keep their sobriety in the traditional world. Eventually, they leave the facility and head back to their life, now equipped to continue the road of recovery.

The other type is called outpatient care, which is similar with a big difference.

What Is Outpatient Care?

An intensive outpatient program is similar to inpatient care, as patients get the support needed to break their addiction, but they get to leave at the end of the day. Patients show up at a facility for a certain number of hours a day or week. They participate in therapy and counseling to address their drug and alcohol addiction and any underlying causes. Then they head back to their life when they are finished.

Therapy and counseling are both individual and group settings. Many facilities also offer classes for patients to learn new skills to help in their life of sobriety.

The Best Candidates For An IOP

IOPs are best for people who have work or family responsibilities that they can not leave. It might be someone who needs to maintain a job while starting the road to recovery. Or it could be a person who is the provider for their family and needs to care for others.

The program is also best for people with strong support in the traditional world, who can help prevent falling back into old habits and the cycle of addiction.

An intensive outpatient program for drugs and alcohol is not best for people who need constant support or care.

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