Drug Rehab for Veterans: Inside a Residential Addiction Treatment Program

drug rehab veterans residential

If you’re a veteran or military family that is ready to find freedom from addiction on the road to recovery, we’ll provide the map. Every step of the way, we’ll provide you with the information and support that you need to feel confident making the decisions that are right for you and your family — starting with this guide to drug rehab for veterans.

Drug Rehab for Veterans: Detox

The process of getting help starts with admitting that you need it. Reach out via phone, email, or chat message to start your journey on the road to recovery. When you’re ready, we’ll take the steps necessary for you or a loved one to begin healing from the effects of addiction.

The first step in that journey is detox. As we say in recovery, “Nothing happens until you’re clean and sober.” Clearing the body of drugs and alcohol is a necessary first step in order to identify and heal the underlying reasons for substance abuse. 

At this stage, all that’s required is willingness. Each client’s treatment team will help organize a detox that fits his or her individual needs, in order to make the entire process as safe and comfortable as possible. From there, we’ll help organize any transportation needed to treatment once the client is stabilized. Depending on each individual client’s pattern of use, detox can take a few days or even more than a week.

Drug Rehab for Veterans: Intake

As the mind begins to clear, it’s time to begin the process of addiction treatment. When a client arrives at our safe, serene, and welcoming Tecumseh, OK, campus, we begin with an open ear. Each client is given the time and compassion needed to tell their story so far. With the client’s history, needs, and goals in mind, the treatment team can then begin to develop an appropriate addiction treatment plan, including prescribed medication if appropriate. Medication in combination with therapy has been proven to be an especially effective treatment for vets, for example, with one study showing a 78% improvement rate among veterans with PTSD undergoing that treatment course.

Drug Rehab for Veterans: Residential Addiction Treatment

Each client’s addiction treatment program is customized, however. A typical day will include a mix of addiction treatment therapies specifically chosen to heal the emotional wounds and mental issues that cause substance abuse. Our veterans addiction treatment programming is especially effective at identifying and treating co-occurring disorders such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more. Typical addiction treatment therapies include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, gender-specific processing groups, relapse prevention, coping skills, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavior therapy). 

Clients receive a schedule for each day, including a solid amount of down time for processing the experiences of treatment and learning how to live life clean and sober. During that time, they may choose to relax on our porch, take a dip in the pool, meditate, try yoga, or even hang out with our local cows.

Drug Rehab for Veterans: Aftercare Planning

Throughout treatment, the clinical team always keeps an eye on the end goal: successful life in recovery. From Day One they begin planning the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition out of residential treatment and back to normal life. That looks different for each client. Depending on a client’s needs, it may include finding appropriate sober living, assisting with vocational training, finding 12-Step resources, or planning the transition to an outpatient program.

Drug Rehab for Veterans: Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs 

Many residential addiction treatment clients step down to outpatient programs on their road to recovery. Outpatient programs provide the same comprehensive treatment that they’ve already experienced in residential addiction treatment, while offering a measure of autonomy. In between sessions, clients live — and sometimes work — away from our campus. This allows clients to begin venturing back into “normal” life, while still benefiting from the ongoing healing and support system that outpatient programming can provide.

Drug Rehab for Veterans: Get Help 

If you are a veteran struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction or have a loved one who is, help is just one click away. Whether you call, email, or send a chat, you’ll reach a real live member of our team — and likely our Admissions Director, Drew, who is a veteran and an alumni of Country Road himself. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Your road to recovery could be just around the corner.