Is My Husband an Alcoholic?

is my husband an alcoholic

If only diagnosing alcoholism were as simple as diagnosing diabetes, or cancer. You’d see the symptoms, undergo testing, and receive a treatment plan to put the disease into remission. However, as anyone who’s experienced alcoholism in their family knows, addiction isn’t so black and white. You might spend months or years wondering if your loved one has a problem, and whether that problem is serious enough that they should get professional help. If you know what to look for, though, the signs of addiction aren’t that hard to find. Here’s where to start when you’re asking yourself: Is my husband an alcoholic? 

What is Alcoholism? 

Some people look at the quantity of alcohol a loved one is consuming when trying to determine if they have a problem. The reality is that for some people, even one is too many. That’s because alcoholism is more about how someone drinks than what they drink. Put simply, alcoholism is a brain disease that causes an individual to compulsively consume alcohol – and obsessively think about it – even when that consumption is having a negative effect on their life.

What is an Alcoholic?

Within that general description, there are five different subtypes of alcoholic, according to a study by the National Institute On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism (NIAAA), the National Institute Of Health (NIH), and the National Epidemiological Survey On Alcohol And Related Conditions (NESARC). That study found that there are five typical subgroups of alcoholics: young adult subtype, functional subtype, intermediate familial subtype, young antisocial subtype, chronic severe subtype. As a whole, this group covers men and women, from teenagers up through the elderly. Safe to say, there isn’t really a “typical” alcoholic. They may be rich or poor, successful or destitute, the life of the party or a loner. Without exception, though, they are held in the grips of alcohol until it totally destroys their lives – or they get help.

Signs of Alcoholism 

You probably already know if your loved one is drinking or using. (If not, check out these signs of addiction.) But is it really a problem? Take a look at the consequences they are experiencing – and drinking right through – to see if there is truly an issue. Ask yourself: 

  • Has your relationship with your husband been affected by his drinking? 
  • Are you having financial difficulties tied to his drinking? 
  • Is he calling in sick to work or not performing well because of his drinking?
    Has he experienced legal issues because of his drinking?
    Has he experienced physical issues because of his drinking? Is it affecting his health? 
  • Has he tried to quit or cut back in the past, only to fail? 

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, your husband could have a problem with alcohol. 

Get Help for Alcoholic Husbands

Our admissions team has met hundreds of alcoholics and helped them find the road to recovery.  If you’re feeling lost, give us a call or send us a chat for a no-pressure conversation about what’s happening in your home and what you can do to stop it. We’ll also give you tips on taking care of yourself during this time, as we walk alongside you on the road to recovery for your entire family.