The VA & Substance Abuse Programs: Getting the Help You Need

the va substance abuse programs

A new study recently revealed that more Americans smoke marijuana these days than cigarettes — and a lot of those are veterans. In fact, veterans consume marijuana much more frequently than civilians. For many of us, it’s used as an attempt to self-medicate — even though it can make problems like depression, PTSD, or aggression even worse. Marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs are not able to heal the wounds of war in vets. If you know a veteran who is struggling and using drugs or alcohol to cope, they may need professional help to get well. Can the VA pay for rehab? Here’s what you need to know about getting the help you need from the VA and substance abuse programs.

What is the VA? 

The VA (Veterans Benefits Administration) is a government agency that was founded to help veterans. Over time, it’s expanded to offer a wide array of resources and services, from mortgage assistance to mental health services. Every veteran has access to a different service mix depending on his or her income, service, and combat experience. In some cases, dependents or military families can access services as well. The best way to learn more about your own benefits is to contact the VA directly or call our admissions team. Our close relationship with the VA means they’re experts at figuring out how vets can access addiction treatment.

Does the VA Pay for Rehab? 

Because mental health issues and substance abuse are serious problems for veterans nationwide, the VA does make an effort to make care accessible to vets. In order to access that care, veterans must first make an appointment with their primary care provider through the VA. At that appointment, they should raise their concerns so the doctor can conduct a screening exam. Depending on the results of the exam, the doctor can then recommend drug and alcohol addiction treatment, mental health counseling, or a combination of services.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Addiction treatment for veterans heals both the addiction and the underlying wounds of war that cause it. Through treatments like EMDR, CBT, and group therapy, vets can identify and address how PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues may have caused them to drink or use. In addition, they’ll learn relapse prevention strategies, coping skills, and other tools to live life free from drugs and alcohol.

How to Pay for Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Veterans

If you are a vet in need of help or know someone who is, Country Road can help you figure out what kind of treatment you need — and how to pay for it. Whether that’s through the VA or private insurance, our team can find the best path forward. In fact, that’s a road our Admissions Director Drew — a veteran and an alumni of our program — has walked himself. Call us or send a chat to connect with Drew and start a new direction in your life.