The VA & Alcohol Rehab: What You Need to Know

does the va pay for alcohol rehab

The VA. Just two letters can mean so much to veterans: support or disappointment, resource or frustration. No matter what your experiences with the VA have been, you probably know that like all government agencies, it takes a map to navigate it successfully. If you’re worried that you or a loved one may have a drinking problem, here’s what you need to know about the VA and alcohol rehab.

Who Gets VA Benefits? 

The VA was founded in 1930 in order to provide support and resources to veterans. Even to this day, military families are not eligible, although spouses and direct dependents of veterans may receive some benefits. 

The specific nature of each vet’s benefits can vary a lot, however. For example, veterans who were wounded during service receive a higher level of care. Veterans who make a substantial income after service might get less. In order to receive benefits, some veterans may face a minimum duty requirement, and more. To find out more about your specific eligibility, visit the VA website HERE

What Services Does the VA Offer?

If you are eligible, the VA’s services are very comprehensive. They offer everything from dental care to vision, medical treatment to counseling, education and training, housing assistance, pensions, life insurance, burial benefits, and more. In short, if you have a big expense coming up and you’re a vet, it’s worth finding out if the VA will cover it. However, actually receiving those benefits might not be easy.

Does the VA Pay for Addiction Treatment?

The VA does cover treatment for substance use disorder in some cases — as well as the PTSD and mental health issues that so often accompany it. The range of services in this area is impressive: from counseling to self-help groups, residential treatment, aftercare, marriage and family therapy, intensive outpatient treatment, medically managed detox, prescriptions, and more. 

To take advantage of these resources, you need to go through your primary care doctor. Share some details about what you’re going through, and they will put you through a screening process for substance use disorder. From there, depending on the outcome of the screening, they will recommend a course of treatment. 

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Veterans

The VA works with privately owned addiction treatment centers to provide best-in-class care for America’s vets. For example, Country Road is proud to have a close working relationship with the VA. 

Our veterans addiction treatment program was developed to help vets just like you. In fact, our Admissions Director Drew, a vet himself, went through our program to build a life in recovery. Today, he helps veterans around the country find their way to Country Road, so they can start the road to addiction recovery. 

Are you a veteran considering addiction treatment? Give us a call and Drew can walk you through the process. Not only has he been in your shoes; but also, he’s helped countless veterans since to find recovery at Country Road, in peaceful Tecumseh, OK. This could be where your road to recovery starts, too.