What Happens in an IOP for Drugs & Alcohol

How does an IOP for drugs and alcohol work?

When someone has a substance abuse issue it can be hard deciding to get help. Patients do not know what is the best option to beat their drug and alcohol addiction and start the road the recovery. That is where the staff at Country Road recovery center comes in. Here, we can help people decide how to best kick their drug and alcohol abuse. Many patients find an IOP is their best program as it blurs living at home with receiving treatment.

What is an IOP?

An IOP, or intensive outpatient therapy, for drug and alcohol abuse is one treatment option for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. The biggest benefit is that people return home at the end of the day of treatment. This allows clients to continue to live their traditional life while receiving support in their recovery.

The program can be best for people with work or life commitments. Maybe a job prevents someone from living at a facility or they have a family to provide for - that is where an IOP comes in!

Traditional clients who do best in an IOP include those with strong support systems at home, so they can aid and not hurt the road to recovery.

What happens in an IOP?

During an IOP for drugs and alcohol, clients will have the chance to address their substance abuse issues. That includes classes, therapy and counseling sessions. Some therapies are in individual settings and others are group gatherings. The hope is to address the abuse and start people on the road to recovery. There are also chances to identify and treat any underlying issues that led to substance use disorder. For many, abuse of drugs and alcohol is coupled with mental health issues.

Most people in an intensive outpatient therapy program will visit the facility for between 9 and 20 hours a week. While there, they receive support in their recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. But they return home at the end of the day.

What Should You Do Next?

Feel free to contact our staff at Country Road to find out if an IOP is the best treatment option for you. We are here to help people get treatment for their drug and alcohol addiction and start the road to recovery.