What Is An IOP for Workers? Inside Part-Time Drug & Alcohol Treatment

What is an IOP rehab for drugs and alcohol for workers?

It can be a helpless feeling when our drug or alcohol use gets out of control. It can take hold of our lives and dictate all of our decisions. Even though we try, we can’t stop using. That is when we have developed an addiction. It becomes all-consuming and it takes help to break the cycle of addiction.

Roughly 40 million Americans suffer from a substance abuse disorder, including alcohol and drugs, according to federal data. Some suffer from both. So, if you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, don’t feel you are alone.

When people hit “rock bottom,” they are ready to get the help they need to start their new sober life and a journey to recovery. Many different programs offer support for people to get the help they need to break their addiction. They each have benefits, and for people who feel they can’t leave work or their family, an intensive outpatient treatment program might be the best option.

An IOP for workers has a big benefit for clients who want to end their addiction to drugs and alcohol. But what is it?

Inpatient Vs. Outpatient Care

In an inpatient rehab program for drugs or alcohol, a client lives at the facility while receiving care. This is what many people think about when they hear the term “rehab.” This type of care allows someone to receive round-the-clock support while treating their addiction. This program is best for people with severe addictions or lack of support in the traditional world.

Another type of program is an intensive outpatient program, or an IOP for drugs and alcohol. These programs are similar in that they involve intensive therapy. But the person gets to leave at the end of the day and live at home.

Who Benefits From An IOP?

An IOP for drugs or alcohol can best benefit people with a job or family responsibilities they can’t leave. These programs allow people to continue to show up for work or provide for their family, while getting the care they need.

IOP for workers allows people to get rehab help for their drug or alcohol addiction without having to leave the traditional world. It is kind of the best of both situations in that they start their road to recovery but can continue to show up for their shift.

What Happens In An IOP?

During an IOP program, such as those here at Country Road, a person can spend time in group or therapy sessions to address their addiction. Patients will break the cycle, learn why they turned to substances and develop the skills necessary to avoid old habits when they complete the program. There is also dual-diagnosis care, where therapists will work to identify any underlying causes, such as mental health conditions. Then, the patient will work to address both the addiction and any other conditions.

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