Biohacking Recovery: The Pretaa Edge

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To win the fight against addiction, we must use every weapon in the arsenal. That’s why Country Road Recovery Center is proud to announce that we are now utilizing the Pretaa recovery tool to improve engagement and outcomes among our addiction and mental health treatment clients.

What is Pretaa? 

Pretaa is a wearable that records biometric feedback. In simple terms, it’s like a Fitbit or Apple watch. A small device on your wrist can record a wealth of biological feedback throughout the day, including: 

  • Activity
  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Oxygen Levels
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Skin Temperature
  • And More

It’s like having your vitals taken every minute of every day, without having to go to the doctor.

Pretaa & Addiction Treatment Patients

Pretaa is unique in that it also utilizes patient assessments to get a full picture of physical and emotional health. The device’s app includes access to several industry-standard self-reported assessments, including:

  • Addiction Monitoring Assessments
  • Behavior Assessments 
  • Reactivity Checklists
  • Anxiety Assessments
  • Patient Health Questionnaires
  • And More

When paired with the biometric data, this presents a complete holistic picture of the wearer’s body and mind far beyond what simple human observation can detect. 

Pretaa at Country Road Recovery Center

The Pretaa program at Country Road is yet another way in which we’re working to help our community find — and stay on — the road to recovery. Upon admission, every client gets a Pretaa wearable. That device immediately begins sending feedback to the clinical team, who can then make real-time updates to the client’s addiction treatment plan, medications, and more in response to the data. The system also sends alerts for any flagged anomalies. This allows for addiction and mental health treatment that is truly customized to each client’s needs — according to the data. 

We’re proud to be the only addiction and mental health treatment programs in Oklahoma utilizing Pretaa and look forward to sharing more ways in which we equip our clients with the tools they need to stay on the road to recovery. Contact our team to start your own journey.