A Day at Veterans Drug Rehab in Oklahoma

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Going to rehab for drugs or alcohol is not something anyone looks forward to. Despite what you see on TV or the movies, though, the experience does not have to be something negative. Drug rehab can be the beginning of your road to recovery — and the beginning of a new life of freedom. Veterans struggling with addiction can find safety, serenity, and stability at Country Road Recovery Center in Tecumseh, OK, near Oklahoma City. Here’s what to expect from drug rehab for veterans.

Oklahoma Drug Rehab for Veterans: Mental Health Therapy 

Substance abuse almost always is caused by underlying trauma or mental health issues. For that reason, residential addiction treatment is centered on various kinds of mental health therapy. At Country Road, our Masters-level clinicians develop a customized treatment plan for each individual client, featuring a variety of addiction treatment therapies best suited for addressing that client’s particular needs. Our veterans often find our PTSD treatment to be particularly powerful, for example.

Each day includes a mix of therapies such as one-on-one counseling, group therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectic behavior therapy), PTSD therapy, trauma care, gender-specific processing groups, and more. 

Oklahoma Drug Rehab for Veterans: Experiential Activities

There’s also plenty of time scheduled each day for relaxing, healing, and processing the work that you do in therapy. At Country Road, that could involve equine therapy or hanging out with our therapy dog. Clients can swim in our pool or simply walk the peaceful grounds of our 135-acre Oklahoma campus. You might sit and chat with new friends or even take a nap. 

Above all, we understand that doing the work to get clean and sober can take a lot out of you. We support clients in their healing by allowing time for relaxation. In addition, we supply three home-cooked meals per day and a variety of snacks to help fuel that work. If there’s something else that a client needs to feel safe and stable, all they have to do is ask. 

Oklahoma Drug Rehab for Veterans: Addiction Education 

Another vital piece of our treatment plan is addiction education. Throughout each day there are informational sessions to help you understand your disease and how to live with it. Exploring the nature of addiction, relapse prevention, coping skills and more will equip you with the tools you’ll need in life after residential addiction treatment. 

Oklahoma Drug Rehab for Veterans: Aftercare Planning

Finally, our team focuses from the day you arrive on your next steps on the road to recovery. We help each client plan for life after treatment in a variety of ways: recommending intensive outpatient programs, researching sober living homes, identifying local 12 Step meetings, and more. Every client leaves with the information and confidence they need to continue the road to recovery.

Paying for Oklahoma Drug Rehab for Veterans

Country Road Recovery Center is proud to work with the VA in arranging addiction treatment for veterans. We also are in-network with or accept most major insurances. To learn more about your options, contact our admissions team. Our admissions director, Drew, is a veteran and an alum of Country Road himself, so he’s been in your shoes and knows what it’s like to walk that particular road. Let us walk it with you.