Drug Rehab for Veterans: What You Need to Know

drug rehab for veterans

If you’re considering drug rehab for veterans, you’re already one step closer to the road to recovery and true freedom. Recovery is possible for anyone, and America’s vets deserve to enjoy the freedom that they fought for. That’s why Country Road Recovery Center is dedicated to helping veterans find the road to recovery at our drug rehab for veterans in Tecumseh, OK. Here’s how it works.

Addiction & Veterans

The studies vary, but veterans are generally more likely than civilians to battle with addiction. In some branches of the military, more than 30% of vets fall victim. Of course, that has nothing to do with their willpower. The reality is that addiction is a disease caused by underlying factors like trauma, PTSD, or depression. Unfortunately, veterans suffer from traumatic events and the aftershocks far more than regular civilians. However, there is hope.

How To Know You Need Drug Rehab for Veterans

There are a few ways that you can tell when it’s time to get help. First, if you’ve tried and failed to get clean before, you might need a guide to help you through it. If you haven’t tried to get clean before, ask yourself: Have you tried to cut back or take a few days off from using, only to fail? If part of you wants to get clean but you keep on using, addiction might be at play.

The easiest way to see if addiction has a hold on your life, though, is to look around yourself. How are things going for you, in general? Is your job going well? Is your family happy and proud of you? Do you feel like you’re living as the best version of yourself? If the answer to all of those questions is “yes,” you might not be ready for help. But if not, you might want to explore the road to recovery.

What Happens in Drug Rehab for Veterans

Veterans have unique needs, and drug rehab for veterans at Country Road can address them. When you arrive, you’ll have the opportunity to share your story and your goals with a team member. From there, the professionals on staff will develop a customized treatment plan to help you get well. You’ll reconnect with other people just like you in group therapy. One-on-one counseling will give you the safety you need to explore the reasons for your using. You can try innovative new therapies like EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprogramming), or you can go for a swim in the pool and enjoy the peace that recovery can bring. 

When it’s time to leave, your team will help you put together an aftercare plan that will map out your next steps on the road to recovery. They can help you decide if additional outpatient treatment is right for you, or perhaps a sober living. You’ll have the tools you need to make sure that your recovery lasts long after drug rehab.

Paying for Drug Rehab for Veterans

If you’re a veteran, paying for drug rehab may be more affordable than you think. Country Road will work with the VA and your insurance company to figure out the best way to get you treatment. Just call and give us your info and we’ll verify your insurance for you — with no commitment and no pressure. You can even talk to another vet about your options: My name is Drew LaBoon and I’m a veteran in recovery. I went through Country Road myself, and can share how the experience made me into the man I am today. Are you ready to change your life, too? Contact us to get started.