Healing from Battle: How to Ask for Help For Drinking When You’re A Veteran

Healing from Battle: How to Ask for Help For Drinking When You’re A Veteran

You fought for our country and faced unthinkable terrors with courage, bravery, and dignity. The thought that you could be brought to your knees by some liquid in a glass or bottle is unfathomable, but alcohol is a dangerous foe. When you’re caught within your grips, it can feel like you’ll never get out and experience true freedom again. Just like during your tour of duty, you don’t have to face this battle alone. Here’s how to ask for help with your drinking when you’re a veteran.

Veterans & Alcoholism 

First of all, if you’re a veteran struggling with alcohol, you are not alone. According to one government study, 11% of all vets “meet criteria for a diagnosis of SUD,” or substance use disorder. 

For vets, disordered drinking can begin during service. The military actually implemented laws back in 1986 to curb drinking and drug use, but they haven’t had the desired effect. That study explained, “Policies tend to be enforced with inconsistency, and heavy alcohol consumption has long been a cultural norm used for recreation, stress relief, and socializing among military personnel.”

It can be hard to stop once you get back to “normal” life – especially after what you experienced during service. Many vets turn to alcohol to self-medicate PTSD or the anxiety of returning to civilian life and a habit can quickly turn to something more dangerous.

According to federal data, roughly 30% of veteran suicides were preceded by heavy drinking or drug use. In addition, 20% of the veteran deaths caused by high-risk behavior were alcohol-fueled, too. 

Add in the risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer that alcohol abuse brings, and it’s clear that for veterans, life is better without it. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Veterans

At Country Road Recovery Center, we understand what veterans have been through and what they need in order to start a new path. Our Admissions and Marketing Director Drew Laboon is a vet himself, and our team of experts has built a treatment program specifically crafted to help vets. You might even end up walking the path of early recovery with a few other veterans by your side in treatment. 

How To Ask For Help For Alcoholism

All it takes to get started is a call or a click. That can seem like a lot when you’re carrying so much shame, fear, and exhaustion around your drinking. But if you can summon up some of your reserves of courage for one last charge, the effort will be worth it. You can even ask a friend or family member to make the call for you, and our amazing addiction recovery guides will take it from there - talking with your boss, figuring out your insurance, dealing with the VA, or doing anything you need to smooth the path to recovery.

With one chat or phone call, you’ll have a team of warriors to walk by your side as you fight alcohol addiction once and for all – and win. Start a new path today.