Rehab for Professionals: How IOP Works

How an IOP for professional can break the cylce of addiction

When it comes time to break our addiction to drugs and alcohol, it can be a feeling of relief. We come to understand that we no longer have to be victims to our addiction. It was a disease that took hold of our life. It was all we thought about and we did everything we could to chase that next high. Nothing else seemed to matter.

But we are ready to stop that cycle and start our road to recovery. We are ready to get back to living and doing it without the haze of drugs or alcohol.

It also leaves us with questions. We wonder if it will be hard. We worry if we will be able to stay sober. We also worry about getting help and how it might impact our job.

The good news is that even with work of family responsibilities, we can get help to break our addiction to drugs or alcohol today. There is one type of program – called an IOP – that is an option for many professionals who need rehab.

What Is An IOP?

When it comes time to get treatment for an alcohol or drug addiction, there are many different types of programs. Many people, when they hear “rehab,” think of people in all white and living at a care facility. This is called inpatient treatment. It allows people to get the help they need to break their addiction while receiving constant support.

The other type is called outpatient care. This can be done through an intensive outpatient program, or an IOP, for drugs and alcohol.

How Does It Work?

During an IOP for drugs and alcohol for professionals, a client will visit a care facility for a certain number of hours. They will participate in counseling and therapy sessions to help get to why they turned to substances. Staff will also work to identify any underlying causes that contributed to their addiction. The client will learn the skills and triggers so that when they are presented with challenges in the traditional world, they can manage them without needing substance.

The good news is that when the patient is done with treatment for the day, they return home to their jobs or families.

Am I Good Candidate?

An IOP is a great rehab treatment option for professionals. They can get the help they need and attend counseling or therapy. The good news is that they don’t live at the facility, so they can continue their work shifts or responsibilities.

The program is not only great for professionals but also for people who have family responsibilities. They might be needed to provide for their family, and an IOP allows them to get the care and not miss work or have to leave their kids.

The program works best for people with strong support in the traditional world. Though without strong support might struggle in an IOP.

How To Take The Next Step?

If you are ready to break your addiction to drugs or alcohol, reach out to our team at Country Road today. Our staff can talk to you about your addiction and the ways to get help. You can continue your professional life and get started on the road to recovery today!