The VA & Drug Rehab: Paying for Addiction Treatment

the va drug rehab

America’s veterans trudge a hard road, and the Veterans Administration (VA) was established to help shoulder the burden as they do it. If you are a veteran considering addiction treatment — or know someone who is — you might be wondering if you can depend on the VA to help pay for your treatment. In short, the answer is: It depends. Read on for more information on the VA and paying for drug rehab

Does the VA Pay for Drug Rehab? 

Veterans suffer from substance use disorder and mental health difficulties at rates that are higher than in the general public — largely because of what they experience during service. Luckily, the US government has been aware of this problem for decades and has dedicated millions of dollars towards trying to help our veterans heal. Mental health services and addiction treatment are generally covered by the VA, depending on each individual veteran’s own benefits. 

Still, some would say that the government hasn’t done enough. Far too many veterans fall through the cracks, falling victim to their addiction or mental health issues before anyone even notices the problem. When veterans do want treatment, wait times can be extensive and discouraging. Finally, many veterans live in rural areas where the VA is not just a short car drive away.

The VA & Substance Abuse Programs

For all of those reasons, the VA will often work with private healthcare providers to arrange residential addiction treatment for veterans. If a vet wants help, they will first need to see their primary care physician through the VA for a screening and diagnosis. If residential addiction treatment is appropriate, but unavailable for the vet in question, the VA may pay for treatment at a “civilian” facility.

What is TRICARE? 

Sometimes, veterans make the decision to pursue addiction treatment outside of the VA on their own. In those cases, paying for rehab with TRICARE and other military insurances is an option. TRICARE is a supplementary insurance for veterans and military families that may make addiction treatment more affordable. 

Of course, veterans who have insurance from another major provider through their job or spouse, for example, can use that for treatment depending on their plan as well. The best way to find out what options are available to you or your loved one is to call our admissions team. They’ve spent years working with the VA and insurance carriers to make addiction treatment affordable for veterans and will be happy to do the same for you. In fact, our admissions director Drew is a veteran and alum of Country Road himself.

Do I Need Rehab?

If you are taking the time to consider addiction treatment, it is probably an experience that would benefit you. The reality is, no one ever considers checking in to rehab unless there is a problem. In addiction treatment, you’ll have the time, fellowship, and support you need to heal yourself from the inside out. You’ll learn to stop drinking and using for good; but more importantly, you’ll experience the kind of peace, stability, and freedom that you fought for on the road to recovery. Call our team to learn more.