Will My Insurance Cover IOP? Paying for Intensive Outpatient Treatment

How to use a health insurance to pay for IOP rehab

Trying to break an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be difficult. Drinking or drug use can take hold of our life. It becomes the most important thing and nothing else seems to matter. The next high becomes the most important task and we will do anything to achieve it. We might try to stop on our own, but often that is unsuccessful. We fall back into old habits and addictions.

The same is true for our mental health conditions. It can be challenging to deal with our situation and the problems they might cause. Our depression can make it difficult to complete tasks at work. Our anxiety leaves us on a constant edge. Our ADHD can make it difficult to focus while at home.

When it comes time to get treatment for mental health or substance abuse treatment, there are many options for help. One is an intensive outpatient program, or an IOP. These allow people to get the help they need while maintaining family or work responsibilities.

But we worry about the cost of rehab or therapy. Here are the facts about paying for an IOP treatment program using health insurance.

Addiction By The Numbers

If you are having trouble with your addiction, remember you are not alone. It is a disease that can strike any person of any background. Don’t feel like it is some type of failure. In fact, 40 million Americans have a substance abuse disorder in the last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Suffering from an addiction is more common than many realize.

So too are mental health conditions. About 21 million Americans have had a major depressive episode in their life. That figure doesn’t include other mental health conditions such as anxiety, ADHD or bipolar. So, no matter what you suffer from, don’t feel you have to go at it alone.

Paying For Treatment

The good news is that paying for treatment for an addiction or mental health condition doesn’t have to fall just on you. Many health insurance programs will often cover drug, alcohol or mental health rehab.

That includes an IOP program. An IOP program is where a person receives hours of therapy and counseling a week to address their condition. But they live at home and not at the facility. This allows them to continue their family responsibilities or head to work while getting the help they need. It is a great alternative for people who can’t completely remove themselves from the traditional world while they get the help they need.

Health insurance programs will cover some costs for an IOP for drugs or alcohol. The same holds true for mental health programs. The amount covered and what type of programs vary between insurance providers and plans. So check with your health insurance provider about how much they will help pay for an IOP for drugs and alcohol. That way, you have all the information needed before picking a program.

If you are ready to get the help you need today for your mental health condition or addiction, reach out to counselors at Country Road. They can talk to you about your situation and using insurance to cover the cost of an IOP.